Kitchen lighting ideas in Spain, lighting placement features.


More and more kitchens are being transformed into a meeting place and not just a functional space in the house. Therefore, the lighting you have must be correct both to be able to cook and eat comfortably, and to give your space a lot of style.

It can be considered that the lighting in the kitchen is divided into two: the work light and the general light. The work light is generally under cabinet lights, tubes or led strips, but there are also other options that you can see in this article.

With the general light we have more flexibility to explore different decorative and lighting possibilities, which will help us to give our kitchen that special touch. Get inspired by all these original ideas to illuminate your kitchen in a modern, functional and original way.

Integrates square recessed lamps

Recessed lamps are widely used in modern kitchens for their practicality. They look good in any space and provide the necessary light to work and enjoy the kitchen alike.

They are also very useful in small or low-rise kitchens, since they do not intervene in the vertical space of the kitchen, leaving it free.

Or also recessed spots

You can opt for circular recessed lights, also widely used in this style of kitchens. This type of lamp gives a powerful and even light in the whole environment.

Opt for a rectangular lamp

To get a more original look with a recessed lamp, opt for a rectangular fixture, which will give off plenty of light and will become the focal space of your kitchen.

Illuminate the entire kitchen with a line of light

Another option to give a lot of light in the environment in an even and original way is to create a line of light that runs through the entire kitchen with a recessed lamp.

Combine a recessed lamp with a designer one


If you want a homogeneous light, but also add style to your kitchen, combine the practicality of recessed lights together with the differential element of designer pendant lights.

Add lots of light with rails


Track lights are a great solution to integrate a lot of light and that allows you to customize it in your environment with the amount of lights and their positions.

Add rails and pendants in your kitchen


Track lights give you functionality, but you can also add design with pendant lamps. Use both artifacts in the same color, to give them unity in space.

Create a custom rail

Combine small and large pendant lamps to illuminate your entire space. If you cannot do the installation inside the ceiling, opt for a metal bridge as in the photo to pass the cables and give your kitchen an industrial and contemporary style.

Achieve minimalist lighting

Use minimalist artifacts in a solid color for light and style, without standing out too much. Look for small lamps that protrude a bit from the ceiling to differentiate them from recessed lights.

Hang bulbs online

Hanging bulbs are widely used today to give a modern and minimalist style to a space. They can also be integrated into your kitchen, placing them in line on the counter.

Use many bulbs in a group

Using the same element, but in a group, you can create a multi-bulb lamp with an industrial and modern style. This luminaire allows you to have many spots with dim light, achieving a warmer space.

Hang the lamps in an original way

Very original with the hanging lamp holders, rolled up in a bar on the counter. This way you will get warm and even light, with a fun element that adds style to your kitchen.

Create a standout space with lots of pendant lamps

Add a lot of small lights to create a very interesting effect. Choose a space in your kitchen to highlight to install these lights at different heights and thus achieve an environment with a lot of personalities.

Choose lamps of different style

Depending on the needs in each kitchen space, it will be the light you need, but in addition to different lighting, you can have several devices. Integrate lamps of different styles to give your kitchen more visual interest.

Look for lights of different shapes but the same color

To add the relaxed element of the different lamps, maintaining a unit, choose them in the same color and size, but with different designs.

Add luminosity to copper

A metallic copper lamp adds a very modern industrial style to your kitchen. This color adds light, so it becomes a prominent element in the environment.

Use black iron lamps for an industrial style

Another way to achieve an industrial look in your kitchen through lamps is using black iron appliances with exposed light bulbs. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, which adapt to each kitchen in particular.

Bet on a lamp with retro style

A simple lamp, but one that is sure to add a retro look to your kitchen. Choose round lamps with metallic details to add light with style.

Add vintage style with light

The best way to achieve an eclectic atmosphere in a modern kitchen is to break with a vintage element, and why not do it with a lamp of this style. Integrate a vintage chandelier into your kitchen to achieve this effect.

Use huge lamps to add light and style

You can transform the luminaires into the highlight of your kitchen solely because of their size. Look for huge screens, in the same color as the kitchen, so they don’t look too heavy.

Decorate the ceiling with a designer lamp

To add great style to your small kitchen, you can choose a design lamp that matches the shape of your environment and stands out for its color, as we see in the photo.

Highlight the center of the kitchen with the lamp

Use the lamps to mark differences within the space and give more importance to a sector. Look for large, designer lamps to enhance this effect.

Integrates a central light in the glass

In small spaces, glass can help you add a large piece of light without taking away visual amplitude, since when it is off it lets the light through and does not make your kitchen smaller.

Provides warmth with wicker

To add a warm element to your modern kitchen, choose wicker lampshades for a soft, pretty light.

Or also with a wooden lamp

Another good option is to integrate the wood in the lights, adding a very original device that stands out in the kitchen.

Match the lamps to the color of the kitchen

If you want to achieve a minimalist look in your white kitchen, look for lamps that are also white, but stand out for their shape and interior color to add style.

Break the white with lights in black

You can also choose to break up the white with the lamps, choosing them in a contrasting color like black and using that same color for other decorative details in the space.

Bet on wall lamps

An option that perhaps you had never considered for kitchens, but that will surely achieve a very original space. Use wall lamps of different types as seen in the photo for a kitchen with a lot of style and have light flexibility.

Use lots of lights online to create an industrial kitchen

Wall lamps can give your kitchen a very original industrial look. Add matching lamps in line to illuminate your workspace.

Innovate with a giant wall light

A mobile wall lamp like the one in the photo will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to lighting your kitchen, creating several solutions with a single fixture.

Create a stylish kitchen with wall and pendant lights

Add wall and pendant lights to illuminate the different spaces of your kitchen in the best way.

Combine vintage with modern style through lights

Wall lights generally give a more modern air and combined with a vintage light will make your kitchen an eclectic space with great style.

A kitchen that has it all: built-in, hanging and wall-mounted

Especially in large kitchens, it is best to opt for more than one type of lighting to have the necessary light in each space of the environment. By combining different lighting solutions you ensure that your kitchen is very functional.

Plan your kitchen lighting

As we could see, there are many ideas when it comes to lighting your kitchen in a modern and efficient way, without falling into the usual typical artifacts. You can choose many different types of lamps and even combine them, to achieve a kitchen that adapts to your needs and personality.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of lamps and add design detail to your kitchen to enjoy it both when we cook and when we get together with friends or family. Go ahead and explore the different options that you can integrate into your kitchen to illuminate it and add a lot of styles.

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