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Agree, vases in the interior is always beautiful, especially if it is glass. Very much want to diversify the interior with such decorative elements as vases, but do not want something usual and standard. Now there is a huge number of different glass vases of absolutely different shapes, colors and sizes. If you want to transform the interior at home with decorative elements and make an interesting decoration, you can use as a decor glass vases.

This will always look very stylish and modern, because the vases can be absolutely different, you will now see that, and they are also very great to emphasize the interior.  Now you can look at some great and beautiful ideas for using glass vases in the interior and design.

Glass Vase Jar

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Such a seemingly simple and yet very stylish and interesting glass vase looks very successful on the table in your apartment, it is suitable for absolutely any interior, in absolutely any colors and shades. You can put live flowers in it, pre-pour some water, and you can also put dry flowers in it, which is now very fashionable, stylish and relevant. If you want to dilute and diversify your home interior, without cluttering and weighing the space, this vase is ideal for you. These transparent glass vases can be any size and shape, but this particular vase, which is shown in the photo, perfectly and harmoniously looks in any interior.

Glass Vase Columns

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Minimalism in the interior always looks good and modern, vases in the form of cylinders look just perfect. In such a vase you can not only pour water and put fresh flowers, but also put inside, for example, stones, both artificial and ordinary natural, as well as add moss or any other greenery.

So you add to your interior non-standard and unusual details and elements, as well as add bright colors. Such vases can be combined and use several pieces of different sizes: diameters and heights, and leave, for example, one empty, and put flowers, greenery, branches, herbarium and so on in the rest. With these long transparent glass vases, your interior will be transformed, and the room will play with new colors and freshness.

Unusual Colored Glass Vases

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Just look at these unusual two-layer vases, which have an inner and outer thin glass. The inner glass can have absolutely different shapes and can be painted in any color. Glass vases in this version look very unusual and will definitely be able to surprise your guests with their unusual and bright appearance. These vases are used to pour water into the inner bulb and put small live flowers there. Even ordinary wildflowers can stand in such vases, in this form they will look very stylish, beautiful and modern. With the use of such two-layered vases with a colored core, you can perfectly diversify the interior and emphasize its beauty.

Glass Sphere Vases

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This version of glass vases is something incredibly beautiful and unusual, look at their shape, they are excellent. These vases have a very unusual appearance, they are made in the form of geometric shapes, the ball of colored transparent glass stands on a glass transparent stand in the form of a cylinder, which allows you to place the balls as you want and as you want.

These vases look winning and surprising even when they are empty, your guests will definitely be delighted with such decorative elements, and most importantly they will not be boring and look boring. The colors of spheres can be selected according to the colors of your interior, and you can also combine several vases of different colors and sizes.

Vintage Glass Vase

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Not always and not all people like minimalism and decorative elements of simple and standard forms, sometimes you want something unusual and at the same time beautiful. In the past, such vases were in almost every house or apartment, but now vases of this plan are found less and less often, but very much for nothing.

Vases of this type look like and usual, it would seem, but at the same time they have a beautiful vintage look, thus emphasizing the interior. In such a vase you can put a small beautiful bouquet of flowers, and they will please you and look great in the room, diluting the interior with bright colors. Despite the fact that these vases are simple in appearance, they can perfectly diversify the style of any room, it can be placed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or even in the bathroom.

Large Volumetric Glass Vases

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Large glass vases, although they look large and bulky, they look chic in the interior, perfectly emphasize it and look harmonious. These vases have a narrow little neck, so it is impossible to put a big gorgeous bouquet in it, but it does not affect the chic and stylish look. In it you can put a few beautiful twigs with leaves or flowers, or even leave such a vase empty, putting it, for example, on a wooden stand, as shown in the photo.

You should consider that for such a vase, you need a separate corner and a lot of space, because it is quite large and bulky, but it looks very cool and beautiful. Such a vase will definitely surprise your guests and emphasize the style and design of your living room or bedroom.

Unusual Small Glass Vase

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These vases usually serve to decorate and complement empty shelves or coffee tables. They can be absolutely different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can choose such a mini vase that would perfectly fit your room style. Such a vase can be put in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom to diversify the interior and add bright unusual elements. These vases can also be combined, leave them empty just as a decoration, and put small flowers or twigs in them, so it will look even better. Due to the unusual shape of this glass vase, your interior can greatly transform and play with new colors.

Glass Stained Glass Vase

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If you are a fan of unusual and bright decorative elements in the interior, these vases are just for you. You can order such a vase by individual order, so it will be unique and individual, and decorate your interior. With the help of such a vase you can easily diversify a dull and gray interior, and if you want to add bright colors, pay attention to this option of glass stained glass vase. This element of decor will perfectly emphasize and complement the look of your room, and the unusual and interesting design of this glass vase will be a chic attribute and a bright highlight of your living room. You can put fresh flowers in it or just leave it empty.

Glass vase in an unusual stand

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It seems so simple transparent glass, but just look how beautifully it complements this metal forged stand. Due to it, the vase becomes not only more stable, but also becomes stylish and interesting. Such a vase can be both left empty and put flowers or branches in it, it will in any case look chic due to the forged metal stand in the form of branches with leaves. You can put this decorative element in the living room, as well as in the bedroom or bathroom.

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