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You have bought an apartment and you want to transform its interior with decorative elements or you just make repairs and you need to diversify the look of your apartment, and make an interesting decoration. We can advise you to use high floor vases, and not necessarily put fresh flowers in the water, on the contrary, a vase with dried flowers, tree branches or dried large leaves.

This will always look very stylish and modern, because floor vases can be absolutely different, you will see that now, as well as they are very cool to accentuate the interior.  Now you can look at some great and beautiful ideas of using floor vases in the interior and design.

White concrete vase

Such a vase is perfect and will fit into any interior, while not weighing it down and not cluttering it, because it is very minimalist. This variation of the floor vase is made of concrete or plaster, covered with white matte paint, which looks very stylish and beautiful. You can put a pot of fresh flowers in it, as well as put dried flowers or even a herbarium. Such a variant is very stylish and chic to emphasize the interior of your living room or bedroom.

What to Put in a Large Floor Vase ?

New ideas on how to use or what to put in a large floor vase

Large shiny floor vase

Source: Pinterest

This floor vase is just perfect for those who love such bright shiny elements in the home interior. With it you can perfectly diversify and transform a boring gray interior of your living room or bedroom. This floor vase looks very unusual and interesting, you can put both fresh flowers and artificial, and this vase can be left empty, and it will also look great.

Black matte floor vase

Source: Instagram @ melissa_simphony

The black matte vase looks no less stylish than a white or shiny vase, because black is always very stylish and incredibly beautiful. This vase is painted with black matte paint, which contains small particles that create such an interesting texture. This vase can perfectly become dry plants of warm yellow color, which perfectly match the black color of the vase and will perfectly complement and transform any interior.

Unusual white vase with a hole

Source: Pinterest

White high glossy floor vase with a hole looks very unusual and non-standard, and also perfectly dilute the boring interior. This floor vase is very tall and beautiful, but due to its unusual shape it will not be convenient to put fresh flowers in it, although it is possible, but it is better to put in it some herbarium or dried flowers. In any case, even an empty vase in this version will look very stylish and as modern as possible in your living room interior.

Unusual grooved vases

If you like non-standard and unusual decorative elements in the form of vases, then we advise you to pay attention to these vases. Although they do not contain anything supernatural, but they look very stylish and effective in the interior. Such a fluted vase will serve as an excellent place to stand flowers, as well as some beautiful twigs and dried flowers. Due to the unusual shape, this floor vase will just fit perfectly in the room, while they can be combined, putting vases of different colors, for example, next to each other and it will look great.

Stylish white vase

Source: Pinterest

If you want to diversify your interior with unusual decorative elements, you should definitely pay your attention to these perfectly white floor vases. A bright room will be the perfect place to put such a glossy vase with an unusual and interesting shape. These vases also serve more as stands for artificial flowers or dried flowers, which can be changed according to your mood, and they will look chic and stylish.

Cosmic white vase

Source: Pinterest

Just look at these incredibly beautiful and unusual vases that stand on the floor and look really very spectacular. These vases will fit into any interior and will fit perfectly, these vases can be used both individually and by combining a higher vase with a lower one. These vases have a very unusual and non-standard shape with notches in the form of lunar craters, so we decided to call it a space floor vase.

A simple, classic white vase

Classic in the interior always looks very beautiful and stylish, so you should never neglect decorative elements with a classic look. This vase looks stylish and laconic, despite such a simple and seemingly ordinary appearance. In it you can put a beautiful bouquet of flowers or dried flowers, preferably that there was greenery, which will refresh and dilute your interior.

Vase-quail egg

Source: Pinterest

Most likely you are interested in the name of this vase, but as soon as you look at it, you will understand everything at once. The color and pattern of this vase repeats the quail egg and looks very interesting and unusual. In it you can put large green artificial branches with leaves or monster leaves, which will look cool and beautiful and refresh the appearance of your room. Such a vase would be great and would fit in a room that has wooden elements.

Golden Grid Vase

Source: Pinterest

This vase is the perfect decorative element, isn’t it? This floor vase, with a huge number of holes, looks like something cosmic and unusual, it will perfectly dilute the interior and add a stylish and bright colors to your boring everyday life. Gold and shiny decorative elements in the interior always look good and expensive, and also allow you to refresh the interior. Of course you can’t pour water into this vase and put fresh flowers, but various spikelets and dried plants look great in it.

Floor vases in the form of a cylinder

Source: Pinterest

If you want to dilute the interior and add new elements, but you do not want to add something unusual and harsh, then you can pay your attention to these vases in the form of cylinders. They can be purchased in any height and color, and they can also be combined, it all depends on your preferences, taste and of course the interior of your room. You can put pots of flowers in these vases, or put fresh flowers in the water, well, or use artificial and dry flowers.

Metal floor vase

Source: Pinterest

Just look at this incredible metal vase, it is very unusual and stylish. With this floor vase you can perfectly dilute the interior and freshen it up. The small indentations create an unusual and interesting texture that looks great. As you can see, this application of this vase does not use live flowers or even artificial greenery, but such unusual elements as sticks of different shades, you will agree-it is very unusual and beautiful.

A square black vase

Source: Pinterest

Clarity in the interior is very good and beautiful, and at the same time such a long vase looks very restrained and laconic. It is better to put bright flowers in it to make an accent on them, thus refreshing the interior of the room. In this option is a yellow chic bouquet of flowers, which perfectly matches this dark vase. With it, your interior will be greatly transformed and will cease to be boring.

Very tall mirror vase

Source: Pinterest

Do you see that too? It’s just unbelievable! Incredibly cool, beautiful and unusual. Such a tall mirror floor vase requires quite a lot of space for its placement, so it is not suitable for everyone, but due to such unusual green plants that are placed in it, it creates a very cool and even fairy tale look. Your room is immediately infused with a natural aura, bright colors and a stylish look. This vase is really very cool and beautiful.

Glass Floor Vase

Source: Pinterest

This vase is the most unusual and modern among our selection of long floor vases. Due to the fact that it is made of glass and stands on a metal base – it looks very effective and non-standard. This vase is ideal for fans of minimalism, because it does not have anything unnecessary. In this glass vase perfectly become dried flowers or twigs, while it will not look too bright and provocative, and on the contrary will create an incredible comfort and atmosphere.

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